Chai Teas

Steeping Guide: 1 tsp of tea for each cup. Add boiling water, let steep 3-8 minutes; add milk and sugar to taste. Note, the longer the steeping time, the stronger the tea. For true “chai” steep at least 7 minutes.

From: $6.00

Cochin Masala

Experience the exoticness of Southern India that composes this tea.

From: $6.00

Indian Spiced Chai

Another one of our favorites! Coppery bright…

From: $6.00

Kama Sutra

Now that we have your attention, did you know the Kama Sutra was written…

From: $6.00

Vanilla Chai

Creamy Madagascar vanilla note dance with tingling Malabar Coast spices.

From: $6.00

Mocha Mate Chai

Full flavored mocha character and light spicy notes…

From: $6.00

Chocolate Night

Seasonal Malabar Coast spices with sweet caramel…

From: $7.00

Decaf Chai

Robust and full flavoured with an intoxicating…

From: $6.00

Rooibos Masala

Mouth enlightening Malabar spices combine with sweet rooibos to create a herbal treat.

From: $6.00

Pumpkin Spice Chai

Pumpkin signifies Fall and of course cold weather. Craving some heat?