Green Teas

Steeping Guide: 1 tsp of tea for each cup. Add boiling water, let steep 3-7 minutes; milk and sugar not recommended as green tea is enjoyed “straight-up.”. Note, the longer the steeping time, the stronger the brew.

From: $8.50

Organic Jasmine Gold Dragon

Exquisite, abundant Jasmine character on a seasonal green tea.

From: $6.00


Light, golden yellow liquor with a unique, toasty rice flavor…

From: $6.00


Tending light liquoring and smooth with reasonable depth…

From: $6.00

Long Island Strawberry

Flavorful summer sweet strawberry and papaya…

From: $6.00

Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose

A blend of high quality green tea with sweet cherry…

From: $10.00

Jasmine Dragon Tears

Hand rolled, steamed green tea, with a smooth delicate…

From: $9.50


A satisfying, light refreshing character, pleasantly vegetative…

From: $5.50


A green tea with strength and captivating green tea taste.

From: $6.00

Lucky Dragon

Enjoy a pleasant, fresh greenish taste.

From: $6.00

Jasmine Bouquet

A green tea with surprisingly body and a captivating floral character…

From: $6.00

Earl Green

Enjoy this unique blend of classic Earl Grey combined

From: $6.00

Ginger Boost

Awaken your senses and boost your immune system with