Herbal Teas

Steeping Guide: 1 tsp of tea for each cup. Add boiling water, let steep 3-7 minutes; milk not recommended, sugar optional depending on tea. Note, the longer the steeping time, the more intense the flavour.

From: $5.50

Organic King Tut Lemonade

You can’t say that you’ve had lemonade until you taste this organic herbal…

From: $5.00

Yerba Mate

Rich in caffeine with a greenish and vegetative characteristic…

From: $4.50

Egyptian Camomile

A pleasant aromatic tea with a fruity tending floral flavor.

From: $4.50


Cool fresh taste that takes your breath away, contains no caffeine…

From: $5.00

On the Waterfront

With delicious mint notes and hints of peach , spice and ginger…

From: $6.00

Ginger Pieces

Excellent clean ginger notes with a refreshing ginger hot finish…

From: $4.50


A pungent cool fresh taste that takes your breath away.

From: $6.00


Light tart fruity mint opens your palate, floral and fruit…

From: $4.50


This herbal tisane has a lovely deep red infusion similar to