Rooibos Teas

Steeping Guide: 1 tsp of tea for each cup. Add boiling water, let steep 3-7 minutes; milk and sugar optional depending on tea. Note, the longer the steeping time, the stronger the brew.

From: $6.00

Bourbon Street Vanilla

Looking to quit the coffee habit? Try Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos!

From: $6.00

Provence Rooibos

Flavoury with a floral and fruity bouquet, perfumy…

From: $6.00

Crème au caramel

A delectable tea with sweet toffee and caramel notes…

From: $6.00

Bora Bora Mango

Full bodied with a sweet mango character, a truly tropical tea.

From: $6.00

Swiss Truffle

Exquisite sweet chocolate balkiness explodes at first sip…

From: $6.00

A Raspberry in Paris

Spritely notes of raspberry come to the fore with light overtones…

From: $6.00

Rooibos Masala

Mouth enlightening Malabar spices combine with sweet rooibos to create a herbal treat.

From: $6.00

An Evening in Tuscany

Sweet ripe pear notes marry well with premium rooibos.

From: $5.50

Good Hope

The cup is reddish orange, fruity with sweet notes…